A week of BSL certificates, driving and paperwork

BSL Certificates

We love handing out BSL certificates and this week we have enjoyed doing just that! There are still lots more to hand out and we are looking forward to passing those on in the coming weeks. It’s brilliant to see those smiling faces proudly holding their shiny Signature BSL certificates! Hopefully they will keep practising their BSL and be able to use it to enable better communication.

Also mixed in to this week have been interviews and resits for various levels. This became quite confusing at times trying to remember what levels and whether the person was resitting or interviewing! Better organisation and paperwork needed or better still a Personal Assistant to keep on top of the never ending, much hated paperwork!

One of these interviews was for our Distance BSL Level 3 course and was in Colchester. It was a great meeting and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and laughing with the new learners. Beautiful weather and a free afternoon led to the decision to drive to the seaside. On arriving we found out that the Clacton Air Show was on that day and we had the added pleasure of watching the Red Arrows display while eating chips on the pier! A lovely end to a great day and totally unexpected.

Friday saw us travelling to Walsall again for some resits and interviews. After a lot of technology hassle and threats to use a hammer on the equipment we got through the resits – fingers crossed for the results. The interviews went well and we look forward to meeting those learners again in September.

September is nearly here and we are printing and organising learner folders for the different groups we will be teaching. Suddenly it all seems very near and there is still a lot to do to be ready. The rest of today will be spent on a tetris like game of creating a timetable!

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