Sorry for delay, now for a catch up

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Apologies for the lack of weekly blog recently, this is because we haven’t yet found a machine that could either clone us or add more hours to the day.

A quick catch up on what’s been happening:

Level 1s some are still waiting for results – come on Signature please hurry up! Some are happily celebrating with certificates – congratulations! Others are still working to resit one of the assessments. We are studying the criteria very carefully to see what happened as we have maintained our usual high standard of teaching, practising mock assessments and entering learners only when we are all confident yet have been disappointed with some results. This is taken very seriously and means we will all undergo CPD (training) and try to see where the problems are in order to overcome this.

Level 2s – Most of our lovely level 2 groups are celebrating with their certificates – congratulations! Those who needed to resit an assessment have mostly done so, we only have one or two left to resit now. Difficult to arrange with the holidays but we will get there. Very proud of our level 2 groups this year, they have all worked hard and been determined to overcome nerves and increase in confidence.

Level 3s – tomorrow sees the last of our level 3 assessments. These guys have worked really hard with the linguistics, receptive and productive assessments. We have been amazed at their determination and self-motivation to achieve the pass grades.

Level 6s – extremely proud of this group, they have had a lot to cope with and have had some setbacks along the way. They have had to overcome technical frustrations with filming clips, laptops that eat work, iPads that decide there isn’t enough memory etc to coping with the enormous load of paperwork to create their portfolios. We are now on the final part of checking paperwork and portfolios – nearly there!

Our families are lovely as ever and watching their progress is fantastic, seeing the improvement in confidence and communication is such a privilege.

The BSL Level 3 information day went very well with a lot of interest. Great to meet new eager learners and looking forward to the course beginning. We had some good interest in our BSL information session at Bewiched Peterborough and had new learners signing up.

We have also started work on the Peterborough Gang Show script, they love to give us a challenge and this year is no different! We are ready for the challenge and look forward to the fun at rehearsals ready for the 80th anniversary show.

We are now looking forward to a break and some time away before everything starts up again in September.

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