Other Courses

We can provide courses for any needs;  for those working with children, businesses, those in the public sector, frontline services or just looking to learn something new.

Our popular Deaf Awareness courses can be adapted to suit any group from big businesses to children’s groups.  Explaining the ‘Deaf Spectrum’, aids and technologies that can assist Deaf, culture and communication methods in a variety of ways depending on the audience. Feedback from these courses has been really positive with phrases such as “everyone should take this course”, “I am now more confident in communicating with deaf people” and “very interesting and useful information”

Our Introduction to BSL and Introduction to sign language courses are very popular giving 10 hours of tuition in a fun, relaxed way. Each course is created and adapted to meet the needs of the learners and the setting, ensuring everything that is learnt is relevant and useful. These are mainly provided for those working with deaf children or adults who need some support with communication providing more confidence and methods to assist communication.

All of these courses include: Deaf Awareness including technology, an understanding of British Sign Language, a brief explanation and overview of other sign languages and language support systems and a short course learning the basics of either British Sign Language or the language support system relevant to the setting. By the end of the course learners can introduce themselves and have a basic conversation on a chosen topic.

Each course includes an initial visit to ensure that the content of the course and the delivery will be fully relevant and delivered in the right way to meet the needs and the setting of the customer. Follow up and refresher sessions are also available on request.