Loving the weather, counting down to Summer

BSL at Bewiched

We have had a great week this week, enjoying the wonderful weather and getting out and about with our signing groups.

On Monday we had a great time at Shooting Stars nursery, seeing the progress is amazing and we had so much fun! Tuesday brought one of our Level one groups final assessment , best of luck to them – we have our fingers crossed for you!

Wednesday and Thursday were full of practising conversation skills for our level two groups, there was lots of coffee involved!  It’s great to see their skills improving and I’m sure they will do well with their assessments at the end of the month. Friday was our PDDCS Family Sign group session where we focused on learning weather vocabulary and made conversations about the lovely warm sunshine!

Today we have enjoyed the air conditioning at Bewiched Peterborough for the BSL Learners Practice Group. Lots of laughter, signing and iced tea!

We have lots of exciting one day sessions coming up in the summer holidays!

Family Basic Sign group;  Learn basic sign language as a family and have short conversations – involves laughter and learning!.

Family Song Sign group;  Learn to sign songs together as a family, This is  great for toddlers and young children and brings a whole new element to song time!

Youth Song Sign; Have a fun day learning pop songs of your choice(age appropriate). Aimed at youth aged 12+.

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