New courses beginning, Happy New (Academic) Year!


It’s all starting, BSL courses ready to start, visiting settings and families for our Family Sign Language courses and preparing each course to meet the individual needs of each setting and family. This is one of the brilliant things about our Family Sign Language courses, each course is bespoke and unique to march the exact needs of those it is delivered to. In this way everything that is taught will be relevant and useful. So excited about some of the places and people we will be working with this term!

Our BSL Level 3 group have had a fantastic final assessment result with 100% pass, huge congratulations to them all and a big thank you for being so patient during the very long wait for the results. We are looking forward to the start of the new BSL Level 3 group in September. It looks like a great group and we are excited to welcome them to the MySign BSL family.

The two new BSL Level 2 groups are all keen and eager to get started. Hopefully they will still feel that way once the course has started! Level 2 is quite a big jump from Level 1 with lots more vocabulary to learn and some new linguistic skills to try and understand and learn. With a lot of work they will all be fine.

The poor printer is currently working overtime getting all the BSL NVQ Level 6 paperwork ready for the brave group who will be taking on this NVQ course. We are really looking forward to meeting up with Rugby Deaf Club who have so kindly let us use their premises to hold the course. This is a great network for us and we look forward to making new friends.

It has been an interesting week in learning to be temporarily left handed due to an infection in the right thumb. Horribly painful and incredibly annoying. Big thank you to the Peterborough Minor Illness and Injury Unit for the quick treatment and medication which finally seems to be curing the infection. Just hope it is finally better very soon, poor learners are getting confused with the hand swapping while signing!

Finally we are beginning to put plans together for a new BSL Learners group. The aim for this group is for BSL learners of all stages and levels to be able to come together, practise and improve their signing, exchange hints and tips, discuss resources and have the opportunity to ask questions of an experienced BSL tutor. The trial meeting for the group is set for 2nd October at Bewiched Coffee shop beginning at 2pm. It would be great to see a good group of BSL learners there. Please contact us if you would like more details.

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