Happy First Birthday to us! Celebration time!


This week we celebrated our first birthday, such an amazing year! So much has happened during this first year and we look forward to what our second year will bring.

Over four years ago we were teaching one BSL class and had taught a couple of Deaf Awareness courses. Now we are a Limited company and this year have two BSL Level 1 courses, three BSL Level 2 courses, two BSL Level 3 courses and a Level 6 course. In addition, we have four Distance BSL Level 3 learners and are working with several families, nurseries, preschools and primary school delivering short, tailored courses to meet the unique needs of those we are working with.

We are also working hard on the script for the Peterborough Gang Show which is coming up very soon. Such a huge challenge this year with lots of songs and sketches to translate and sign. Looking forward to the rehearsal later this afternoon and seeing the gang practice.

Very thankful to have made it through to half term, although we have some work to do it is a much quieter week. Time to catch up on admin and creating resources – may also have time for Birthday Cake and celebratory coffee in our favourite office at Bewiched. Have to give really huge thanks to the staff at Bewiched Peterborough who have supplied coffee, smiles and cake to keep us motivated. They have also learnt some sign language to remove barriers and make it easier to communicate and order food and drink.

It is amazing how much things have changed and we are so grateful to all those who have helped and supported us over the years, whether with coffee, chats, helping with communication issues or just being there.

There have already been enquiries for next year’s courses which we find astonishing! We continue to focus on our main objective and goal that is “removing barriers and increasing communication”

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