Birthday Preparations coming soon


It is our first birthday soon! Although MySign Tuition has been teaching Deaf Awareness and BSL for a number of years, we first became a Limited company on October 20th 2015. So much has happened since then and we have lots to celebrate. Looking forward to birthday cake and celebrations – preparations beginning.

Another busy week, we have so many courses and families that we are working with at the moment it is becoming difficult to fit everyone in!  We have also managed to make time to catch up with the lovely B is for Bunting, great to have a coffee and a catch up. Need to do that more often!

This week we had the first session of our Introduction to British Sign Language course at Samuel Pepys School in St Neots. They were lovely people and there were lots of laughs all through. Looking forward to next week for more laughs and fun. We love helping people understand British Sign Language and how it is different to English.

The Introduction to Sign Language course at Voyager Nursery is going very well with some great feedback so far. Love the work we do in schools and nurseries showing how sign language helps all children increase their vocabulary and communication skills.

Our Family Sign Language course is still going very well and the families we are currently working with are doing very well. Watching little ones begin to communicate whether using speech, sign or both is fantastic. Parents beginning to understand their little ones and getting to know how to better communicate with them is amazing to be a part of.

The two BSL Level 1 courses are starting to be able to have basic conversations, introducing themselves and their families. Last week they learnt how to discuss likes and dislikes of the weather on a very basic level. This week we will be looking at transport, hope they are ready for more laughter and learning.

Our three BSL Level 2 courses are just realising how much work they have in front of them. BSL is very different to English in that it requires users to almost ‘act’ when using the language. This is out of the comfort zone for many people and can be quite difficult for them to do. We are proud that we create ‘safe spaces’ for our groups to get to grips with these techniques.

BSL Level 3 and Level 6 – we hope that they are preparing for their next Saturday sessions. The distance Level 3 learners are doing very well with one completing and gaining some very good scores. Very proud.


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