End of term countdown, assessments and more!

BSL 2017

So last week we had summer! Fantastic weather for getting out and about but a bit too hot for our BSL Learners taking their assessments. One of our BSL Level 1 groups has now finished the course and we are all waiting nervously for their results. Our BSL Level 2 groups are all coming to an end now with just one more assessment to take in the next couple of weeks and our BSL Level 3 group in Peterborough will be finished this coming Saturday.

Our work with Stars Day Nurseries is going very well, the staff are working hard at learning the signs and the children are great! We had a very busy session at PDDCS Toddler group and kept Matt busy with making new ear molds as well as building train tracks and playing with play doh! The next group is on 6th July and will be our summer party – hopefully the sun will be back!

The PDDCS Family Sign Language course is on week 7 and we learnt how to sign about transport – interesting that some of the group arrived by helicopter and some by ship! The feedback from the parents about how this course is helping them communicate more effectively with their children is fantastic!

BSL Level 6 group are now coming to the end of their filming and beginning to get their portfolios together. Hoping they all manage to cope with the stress of sorting paperwork and self evaluations, it is a tough course and we are trying to support them as much as we can.

Please do check out our Facebook, Twitter or website to see our Summer signing workshops and our new courses beginning in September.

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